Happy Juneteenth!

The U.S. Civil War concluded in 1865. The official end date depends on your source and your perspective. The General in command of the military of the Confederate States of America, Robert E. Lee, signed a cessation of conflict on 9 April 1865; information was not disseminated immediately and fighting continued for several more weeks. In June of 1865 Texas received nearly 2000 federal troops who carried news of the end of the war and informed the state of Texas of the end of slavery.

In 2019, 154 years since the effective abolition of slavery and 54 years since the Voting Rights Act offered elective franchise to subjugated people, our nation seems to need a reminder that progress is only possible through unity and a willingness to confront immoral institutions.

We’re in this together.

-Trevor Mardis
19 June 2019

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