The Choice

  The Carry Wisely Firearm Academy makes a commitment to guiding students in the safe, lawful, and effective integration of firearms.

  The decision to own a firearm is a choice that carries a responsibility to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you while a gun is in your possession.

  When you make the determination to bring firearms into your home or workplace you are putting yourself in charge of lawfully possessing, storing, and transporting them.

  Your ability to effectively use a firearm to hit range targets, take game, or engage a threat in self-defense can only be developed and honed by training under capable guidance.

  We’ll work on getting you to a place where you will feel aware and be capable when you are handling a firearm or find yourself in a space where other are handling guns. And we’ll work on helping you feel safer while navigating the world when you do not have access to a firearm. (Gun-Free Zones are real!)

  The selection of armed self-defense requires understanding the environments you are in; awareness of exits and cover/concealment, detection of potential threats, and the avoidance or de-escalation of conflicts when they arise.

 If violence seems necessary to ensure safety or survival you will need to establish a positive identification of the threat, determine if lethal force is warranted (Lethal Force Triangle), and accept the ramifications of using lethal force. We’ll help you understand what all of this means, how to apply concepts in improving safety, and how to offer yourself a stronger position in a legal proceeding.

  You have a choice in where to begin or continue your journey of firearms education and we are honored to receive your business. We look forward to training with you.

  Be well. Be Safe. Carry Wisely.

-Trevor Mardis
Wednesday, 5 Jan, 2022

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